About us

TBD Foundation Netherlands


We are a foundation without members. The board, consisting of unpaid volunteers only, is responsible for all long-term and short-term decisions.

A large number of volunteers support the board in various fields, such as running the webshop, maintaining social media, research and public information. Most of the volunteers are expert patients, meaning that they - or someone from their family - suffer or have suffered from Lyme disease or other tick-bite related disease in various degrees.

There is no (expensive) office, but all co-workers work from home, the most efficient way of working. We meet and communicate by telephone, e-mail, apps and Teams, and occasionally at special events.

Mission, vision, objectives

One of our aims is to share knowledge about tick-related diseases. Another aim is to initiate scientific research to reduce the effects of Lyme disease, so as to enable people afflicted with the disease to keep participating in society.

Our dream, especially for the many children with Lyme disease, is to establish a clinic where these children can get the treament they need and deserve. This will only be possible with your help!


By thorough research, we aim to establish a better diagnosis process and a quicker and more effective treatment of diseases transmitted by ticks (such as Lyme disease). For that reason, many of our activities are focused on connecting research organisations, as well as initiating and participating in research projects and (co-)financing projects that contribute to our goals.


The projects we now prioritise are mainly – but not exclusively – focused on children affected by Lyme disease or other tick-related diseases. Many children get tick bites and, consequently, tick-related diseases. These are even harder to diagnose in children than in adults.

Read all about our plans for the establishment of a clinic for the treatment of children with chronic Lyme disease here.

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